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-BEFORE YOU BOOK THE BAND: The Flobots receive many performance requests from cool groups of folks who are passionate about music and social change, but new to the business of setting up concerts. If you fit this description, here’s a few things to consider before you reach out to our booking agent.

-Stage/Sound System: Flobots does not provide these. You would need to secure a stage and sound system prior to booking the band.

-Crew: The band generally does not perform without a minimum of 1-2 crew members who are essential to making sure the sound is top quality. Even in the case of benefit or donated shows, the cost of crew members must be taken into account.

-Safety/Security: It is our expectation that anyone booking the band will anticipate the size of the crowd and provide the needed security to make the experience safe for all involved.

-Budget: Be prepared to discuss the budget available for the show. As mentioned above, even if you are requesting that the proceeds toward a cause, costs such as travel, crew, and accommodations must be anticipated.

-Collaboration: We get many requests from school clubs working on great causes, many of them very similar! We encourage you to reach out to other groups and work together. This allows you to pool the resources needed to put together a show.

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