Mackenzie Gault

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Flobot 33

Status: Active (Heartbreaker)
Joined: 2004

First Appearance: Platypus

Affiliations: KIPP Sunshine Peaks Academy, Teller Elementary School, the Denver Children’s Home, First Plymouth UCC, the Rob Drabkin Band

Bio: After spending nearly 5 years struggling to make the violin sound good, Mackenzie discovered the viola at age 12. The moment she picked it up and put the bow to the strings, she knew it was the instrument she was destined to play. After four great years at the Denver School of the Arts and four tumultuous years at the University of Denver, Mackenzie finally decided to set aside her classical studies and join the Flobots in full force.

Influences include: J.S. Bach, the Roots, The Coup, Rachmaninoff, Queen, Ray LaMontagne, Common, Miles Davis, Shostakovitch, and Simon and Garfunkle.


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